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About Us

Venator is the accelerator consultancy for growth businesses. We’re a team of practitioners, that have been there, seen it and done it, delivering practical, no waffle, blunt and purposeful advice on how to create growth in your business.

We don’t like consulting, we like delivering. We’re a company that specializes in guaranteeing business performance and sales growth. We help our clients (who we treat like friends!) to prioritize and reduce challenges through clear, concise and bullet-proof actions and activity. Our cut the crap, straight-talking and hands-on approach delivers and produces actionable results that creates growth.

Headed up by Piers Mummery, an entrepreneur for over 20 years, Piers brings insight, clarity, empathy and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. He is surrounded by a talent pool with expertise in almost every endeavour and walk of life. Entrepreneurialism is a way of life and an attitude. At the centre of Venator is the relationship we have with our clients. Every client is treated like a lifelong friend and core to this are the following values:

  • Trust – if you can’t trust someone, you have no basis for a solid relationship
  • Honesty – why would you not be?
  • Openness – The output is directly related to the input… so have no secrets
  • Dependability – We are there for you. Your success creates our success
  • Fun – We have to have a laugh along the way, so let’s not be too serious all the time
Money Means Motion

What We Do

We like to shift the dial and really make a difference to your business. We have an immersive approach to our work and try to create context, by considering how one part of your business connects to another and where your common denominators are. We find out what works well and what doesn’t. We look at all of the pillars in your business and try to create a combination of strategic plans, coupled with tactical actions.

We identify the drivers to create and escalate growth through three primary lenses:

Winning the business (Motion)

The sales and marketing functions and the activities that you perform at the front end and market facing side of your business.

Fulfilling the business (Means)

The operations and client services that you perform to deliver to your clients. What resources you have and the capabilities to perform at a standard that will bring your customers back to you time and time again

Billing the business (Money)

The back-office systems and functions you create to profitably and efficiently drive productivity
Every action creates a reaction; Our three-step approach methodology, Motion, Means, Money ensures that you are optimised for growth. Growth in a business can come from many areas, but principally it comes from creating repeatable, scalable and profitable actions that are symbiotic in the front, middle and back end of every business……it’s what we do!

Our founder, Piers Mummery, is also The Entrepreneurs Coach. For more information, visit the Pierso website.


Money Means Motion

Our Approach

We like simple and we like results! Our work with clients is never on face value. Getting to the cause and not just dealing with the effect of any challenge leads to a deeper and more sustainable outcome. In these complex times, it can be important to recognise that although reinvention and innovation can be central to success, this is not always the case. We’ll only recommend change, where we truly believe it is necessary.
Countless years of operational business experience has taught us that more often than not, small changes can make a big difference. We work with leaders and senior management and their teams to deliver both practical advice and deliverable business programmes that will grow your business on every level.
We try not to tell you what you want to hear or know already. We have to ruffle a few feathers, so we don’t mind making a controversial call and challenging you. We question things, we pull things apart and sometimes we point out the elephant in the room!
Forget the theory; this is practical and real-world action and it works! Tell us your biggest challenge and let us develop the answer with you……We love what we do and we approach everything we do with passion, enthusiasm, and a determination to do the right thing.

People Like Us

The core of everything we do is based on building amazing relationships with amazing people. We like people in all walks of life; we like teams and we strive to help every member of your team to be successful. It’s simple, your success is our success.

Our DNA was formed through hundreds of years of experience in life and business, thousands upon thousands of amazing relationships, meetings, networking, gazillions of phone calls, emails, texts, Zoom/Google and Teams meetings, voicemails, business cards, events and all the social media you can imagine. We know that at the end of the day, people do business with people, but even better, doing business with someone you really want to do business with is the best feeling in the world…………people like us, so we work with people like us!

Why Us

The obvious building blocks for great relationships are respect, honesty, trust and great communication, all of which are known and well stated. But what really makes a difference is the culture and values that underpins this. A company’s true success is shaped by the quality of its’ people, the culture, values and beliefs that are developed and lived every day. It is this that drives the real strength and chemistry in relationships and creates success for everyone.

In everything we do, our own values underpin our thinking and approach. We’re irreverent, brave, decisive, honorable, we deliver with fortitude and we like to have fun along the way……. People Like Us!

Check out what our friends say…

Piers has brought an excellent combination of skills and expertise to Vindex during his time with us. He has helped us navigate through a solid period of growth having seen Vindex almost treble our turnover since joining the board. He is tough and forthright, his entrepreneurial experiences and business skills have had many positive effects in all areas of our business. He also has a strength of character that deals with things in a direct and honest way that avoids simply telling our leadership team what they want to hear. A definite hands on team player that does what he says.


CLIVE TALBOT / Vindex Systems Limited

Piers has done an excellent job at helping us remove business growth barriers, simplify the path forward and hold our leadership team to account. Our work with Piers has enabled us to accomplish more in shorter periods of time!



Piers has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only is he a great conversationalist, but his background and expertise will accelerate your business growth. His attention to detail and vast toolbox will introduce ideas and products that are sure to get you thinking about business from a different perspective.


JASON READ / Co-founder & COO at RTB Technologies

Piers is awesome to work with. He has a rare ability to focus and get to grips with business challenges with such ease and accuracy. He is both decisive and driven and excellent at setting out what needs to be done and then getting it done. His diverse background and expertise in business will certainly challenge your thinking and accelerate your business growth to new levels. He is also very detailed and picks up on the smallest of things that are often overlooked and important.


TONY PAOLELLA / Director Of Business Development at Hubio

The impact Piers has made at Monatrix was immediate. His grasp of our circumstances and the growth opportunities we now have, has put us a clear trajectory for successful growth. He’s a dynamic guy and unafraid to tell it how it is. He has terrific insights on the things that matter and a deep understanding of people…..he can transform people, your business and your team!!


BARRY DOAK / Partner/Director Monatrix

You need to be reminded that business is fun. Even when presented with huge challenges that seem insurmountable, a fresh set of eyes and ears, can give you the perspective you need. Piers is that perspective and he does it in such a way that inspires my team to take action.


SIMON WEST / Nett Sales

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